The February Goal Update

Back in January, I set up some S.M.A.R.T. goals for the upcoming year. One of the key pieces to achieving goals is to review them and identified what worked (and did not work) out. Keep in mind that each goal should be measurable and achievable. 

Let's get the good stuff out of the way and look at what goals were achieved for the month of January:

  • Code each day to start my 365 Github challenge starting on 1/2
    • 1 day was missed due to a family emergency where it could not be helped at all due to no internet.
  • Lose 5 lbs in the month to help get into better shape.
    • Technically it was 4.98 pounds according to my Fitbit and scale. I'm calling it a victory/goal achieved.
  • Play more with the puppy to help bond more and ensure outside activity for both of us.
    • Despite the freezing cold temperature, I made sure to spend extra time with the puppy playing in my hallway. It was much needed exercise for both us. 

Now comes the moment of the dread where I look at the goals that were not achieved. Instead of making excuses, I will state why I did not accomplish them.

  • Read a book and learn a couple new words from it. I'm currently thinking of The Peripheral by William Gibson.
    • I decided to read more of the Walking Dead Compendium  Volume 1 and watch anime at night rather than spend time reading any novel. 
  • Write 4 blog posts in the month excluding this one.
    • I found zero urge to write and put forth no effort to do it during each week.
    • I did however write one blog post about my battle with depression
  • Put away more cash than last year to help save up for my 30th Birthday trip to Japan.
    • Unforeseen circumstances had me dip into that savings, but it was for the best cause which is family. 

For the moment, I want to run away and hide under my desk when I see everything I did not accomplish for the month of January. Being scared of my shadow serves me no purpose, so instead it is time to put a plan of attack forward based on analyze of the month. The following will be my goals for February:

  • Write 4 blog posts including this one.
    • I always got tripped up trying to find something to write for my blog. This is my world with my words. I always got caught up into what people would want to read instead of what I wanted to write here. Plus, I spent time writing this post, so it should count for the month!
  • Lose an additional 5 pounds to put me under the BS BMI overweight line.
    • I know the BMI is a complete piece of garbage. However, it helps me focus on my goal. After I drop past the imaginary red line on my app, I tend to stop worrying about the amount loss and focus on how things fit and look.
  • Finish reading Code Complete.
    • By focusing my efforts on improving my career, I feel I'll be able to hit the goal of read one book a month. Plus, I'll learn new words and lingo by reading technical material just as much as a novel.
  • Continue my 365 Github challenge.
    • I'm getting near a point of wanting to work on more projects at home, so I hope this will push me to that point. 
  • Start learning a new programming language by working on one of my board game helper ideas.
    • I did this last year with my dive into C#, but did not keep up with it. This year is going to be different as I invest in myself.

Here is to the month of February! Cheers everyone!