Discovering a New Zen

In a world of information overload and chaotic multitasking, one should find a way to block out the rest of world in order to find internal harmony. My attempts at discovering new zen moments have resulted in failure, frustration, or fruitless endeavors. However, tonight brought about a period of relaxation that soothed the anarchy raging in my skull. My peacemaker is called cooking.

Last year, I received a couple Japanese cookbooks from friends for the holidays. The books sat on my Amazon Wishlist for a couple months while I battled with some internal demons. Aside from the book, my brother gifted me my first rice cooker. Here is the point where I lavish the reader with all the fun recipes I learned over the course of year. NOPE! That is not the story this time around for me. I spent the year looking over more cookbooks and eating out for dinner. 

I began browsing through Simply Japanese  this past week until I found a recipe that did not seem too hard, yet not too simple. I settled on a garlic steak rice bowl. Scribbling down the recipe, my mind jumped for joy at the thought of starting a new hobby. I  quickly ordered some of the missing supplies online. When the day finally arrived to cook the dish, I ran to the store to buy the final ingredients to ensure they were fresh. 

I cracked open a bottle of Sapporo and dived right into cooking the dish. The vortex of voices in my head subsided as I began to slice the cloves of garlic. Anxiety and uncertainty dropped away as the olive oil filled the frying pan. As I toasted the garlic cloves to a golden brown, I did not have a single thought cross my mind. There was only the sound sizzling garlic. Time flew by while I prepared the steak, seared it in the left over olive oil, and cut it into stripes. Before I knew it, I was  stir frying some cooked rice. At the moment of writing this blog post, I can not recall a single thought that entered my mind throughout the time of adding the steak to the  rice mixture. The time came for plating the dinner which brought the exit from my Zen-like state.

There are no pictures of the finished product since I tend to eat my food over photographing it. However, there is calmer mind for me which is worth its weight in gold.  My hope and goal is to keep up with my new hobby and expand my horizons into more cuisine.