What are the goals for 2017?

Time for the typical post about the 2017 goals! I'll keep this post short and sweet without too much reflection on the previous year. In case you want to read how I approach goals, I wrote about it in 2014. Without further ado, let's jump into the plan for 2017.


One of the big changes I did in 2016 was to go back to seek out help for my anxiety and depression. It has been a slow and gradual process, but improvements have been happening with each passing day. Do I slip? Sure. Do I endure past panic attacks? Absolutely! Is it the end of the world? Not even close. One of the most important goals this year for me is to continue down my current path towards being mentally healthy. Each month there is a set of goals to achieve and new hurdles to overcome. Some of them include professional workbooks while others are actions such as jump start board game nights at my house again. Another way I plan to help tackle some of my issues is writing about them either in my own personal journal or on the blog. As I keep telling myself concerning these goals, it is just one foot in front of the other.


One of the muscles I did not stretch last year was my creative muscles. To be honest, I was extremely hard on myself last year to an unhealthy point. The behavior lead to constant start, over analyzing of a project, self-deprecation, and finally stopping the project. It is time to quit that behavior cold turkey. I was slowly easing myself back into the creative groove near the end of last year with the intention of this year being where I find it. If people come to read what I have to say, design, and play, I will be grateful. The most important part is doing it for me. Some of my goals in this category are  as follows:

  • Writing which will focus on blog posts, character templates, random backgrounds, or short stories
  • Picking up the piano again in earnest and learn to play some of my favorite video game, movie, and TV show theme songs (I'm looking at you Star Wars and Zelda).
  • Designing board/card games. I won't talk much about this one...yet.
  • Potentially wrapping up two costumes I've started on and never finished. The good news is I'll be starting from scratch, so I know what did not work last time. 


My passion for reading has never truly died, but it took a back seat for a long time in favor of video games, work, and just general laziness. I set a reading challenge on Goodreads last year for twelve books which I blew through rather quickly without even realizing it. There was some minor flexing when I crossed the finish line in June. The difference this year is setting the goal higher with a plan to alternate between a fiction and non-fiction book. I want to expand my horizons in literature, so I'll focus on picking different genres and subject matters. Plus, I may slip some graphic novels into my queue since a new trade for Saga is coming out later this year.

Phsycial Health

This is not a goal is where I want the perfect body by beach season. The goal however is to start looking at what I'm eating and drinking each day. I'm no longer in my twenties and want to ensure good health going into my thirties. There is not much to this goal than start to be wiser in my decisions concerning what I'm doing to my body. The rest can come later when I master not eating tons of junk food every day.

No time like the present to get started on my goals. I wish you all a wonderful 2017 and hope you will accomplish anything you set out to do.